The Journey

The development of any artistic creation begins as a path.

This path is formed by experiences and influences throughout life that may result in a unique expression- a synthesis of those influences. This artistic expression represented may result in visual, intellectual, musical, or movement creations. To be unique, requires time, patience and continued refinement. Influence through mentorship and teaching is paramount to most truly artistic ventures. The master or teacher takes his gifts and the culmination of his teachings/knowledge and creates an artistic expression that is unique and personal. Hopefully it is also relevant to continue the growth and understanding of the original discipline. In dance, and other movement arts, the synthesis and refinement that is created over generations yields subtle and other times drastic changes from the original art form.

The idea that must be respected is the continued evolutionary process that makes up that given art form. Integrated QiGong is one such synthesis. I began my journey early in childhood intrigued by all things from the East. I remember finding myself attracted to the Asian art, calligraphy and antiques that my grandparents had in their home. My grandfather was raised in Honolulu and was an ardent traveler. During those travels they had picked up many artifacts from the Orient.

When I was 8, I convinced my parents to allow me to begin martial arts class with a Japanese sensei in a local Judo dojo. I remember the stiff cotton gee and the smell of the new fibers that chaffed and rubbed loudly with each step. The discipline and regimental nature was somewhat unfamiliar and at the same time beneficial for the nurturing of mental focus. That early exposure and glimpse into another reference point was pivotal in my pursuit of the Asian arts and understanding of their traditions.