The rhythmic wave form, the element fire, improves organ function, eliminates toxins and reduces fat.

Fire element is associated with the organs of the heart and small intestine. Metabolically the heart sets the rhythm for our entire circulatory system. Heart rhythm is one of the most important physiologic rhythms we generate. To keep the heart healthy we need to reinforce the rhythmic nature of the nervous, circulatory, and endocrine systems.

The Rhythmic Wave Form is associated with metabolic rate, controlling the body’s thermostat, and autonomic nervous system regulation. It has the function of creating a regulated rhythmic influence on all of the systems mentioned and more. Since our physiology is influenced by rhythm, the ability to favorably influence body rhythms has huge implications on our health.

Improves arterial, venous and lymphatic circulation.

Inherently the rhythmic wave increases vital heat (metabolism) and improves circulation.

Improved organ function

The rhythmic wave stimulates Qi circulation in the major organ meridians, resulting in organ function improvement.

Increases toxin elimination and fat reduction.

Increases metabolic rate to stimulate waste elimination and healthy weight management.

Improves nervous system development-balance and coordination.

Supports nervous system tonification and regeneration.